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  • Conferences
    NEACCE conferences and workshops provide an opportunity for professional development and the enhancement of knowledge beneficial to each participant. NEACCE conducts an outstanding fall 
    annual meeting and conference.  Members attend conferences at a discounted rate.
    Website: www.neacce.com
    The goal of the NEACCE website is to communicate and promote activities of the organization. NEACCE’s website maintains a quarterly newsletter, calendar of NEACCE and state association events, complete directory and personal profile of NEACCE members, job postings, and articles of interest to Chamber directors and their staff.
    Scholarships & Professional Development
    NEACCE provides scholarships to active members for their participation in professional development programs such as Institute, ACCE, U.S. Chamber programs and more. 
    Membership Survey 
    Periodically, surveys are conducted to assess the needs of NEACCE members. Once survey data is collected, the survey committee reports results to the Board of Directors and NEACCE Administrator.
    Informal Exchange of Information
    Chamber executives and staff often benefit from the exchange of ideas and information. NEACCE conferences, social media and meetings provide a great 
    opportunity for Chamber executives and staff to network. 
  • State Affiliates
    Connecticut • www.cbia.com
    Maine  • https://macce.biz
    Massachusetts • www.macce.org
    New Hampshire • www.nhacce.org
    Vermont • www.vacce.com
    Rhode Island • richambercoalition.com
    Committee Opportunities
    Conference Committee ♦  Scholarship Committee ♦  Awards Committee ♦  Ambassador Committee ♦  Nominating Committee ♦  Membership Committee
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    • To provide programs which enhance the personal growth and development of its members and their effectiveness as administrators.
    • To furnish a vehicle for the interchange of ideas, principles, practices and ethics among professional Chamber executives within New England.
    • To maintain a close liaison with the United States Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, and other regional and state associations to provide maximum effectiveness in joint actions approved by the NEACCE Board of Directors.
    • To provide opportunities to advance the concepts and practices of professional Chamber management through educational services and innovative programs.